McLaughlin Body Company
  • McLaughlin Body Co - Production, Rock Island
  • Rock Island, IL, USA

Position Summary

Qualified individual will work as a team for assembling an entire product or component of a product to specifications on a production line.


This list of duties and responsibilities is not all inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties and responsibilities as management may deem necessary from time to time.

  • Must be personally responsible and committed to the quality of one's own work.
  • Must be able to work above production standards.   
  • Bolts, clips, rivets, screws, or otherwise fastens component parts of assembly together, using hand tools, power tools, or bench machines.
  • Positions, fits, or aligns parts on workbench, floor, fixture, or machine, following blueprints, diagrams, guides, holes, reference marks, or work orders.
  • Drills, taps, or reams holes to prepare parts for assembly, using arbor or drill press or other bench-mounted drills.
  • Files, grinds, planes, sands, or buffs parts to remove burrs, alter shape, improve fit, or smooth finish, using hand tools or power tools.
  • Applies adhesive, bonding agent, or sealant, to surface of material by brushing, spraying, dipping, or rolling. Also may touch-up paint as necessary.
  • Holds parts during assembly, using hands, clamps, pneumatic screw presses, or other work aides.
  • Cuts materials, such as fabric, metal, paper, or wood into specified dimensions or shapes, using cutting machine, scissors, or knife.
  • Reads process sheets, blueprints, or other specifications to determine assembly sequence, machine and tooling requirements, measurements, and tolerances.
  • Cleans dust, dirt, oil, and other foreign matter from material or machine surfaces, using cleaning solution, rag, or air hose (30 psi OSHA limitation).
  • Records production data on paper or in computer as deemed necessary.
  • Lifts, loads, sorts, and moves materials, supplies, and finished products between storage and work areas, using push-cart, hoist, or dolly.
  • Packages product in containers for shipment or ties into bundles.
  • Stamps, labels, or otherwise marks product or packages with identifying data.
  • Positions and secures work pieces, using hands, hoist, crane, wire and banding machine, or hand tools.
  • Inspects cabs/components for quality prior to his operation.
  • May operate crane/hoists to move large work pieces.


  • Must be able to read process sheets, blueprints, or other specifications to determine assembly sequence, machine and tooling requirements, measurements and tolerances.
  • Equipment Selection - Determine the kind of tools and equipment needed to do the required job.
  • Operation and Control - Controlling operations of equipment or systems.
  • Quality Control Analysis - Conducting tests and inspections of products, services, or processes to evaluate quality or performance.
  • Must be capable of occasional horizontal lift up to 75 pounds.

Experience and Education

  • High School Diploma (or GED or High School Equivalence Certificate)
McLaughlin Body Company
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